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Triple R Diesel is launching their 2009 website.

Triple R Diesel was envisioned 37 years ago by Raul Mendez, CEO and Founder of Mendez Trucking. While working as a truck driver in San Antonio, Texas he dreamed one day of having his own truck and company. For years Raul worked hard, building steps towards reaching his goal until he purchased his first truck, an eighteen-wheeler. This turned his life long dream into a reality, and it was just the beginning.

In 2003 Raul Mendez and his family built a service shop Triple R Diesel where the Mendez philosophy of respect, honest prices, the best work, and having a company with integrity is used daily to service their tractors. Triple R Diesel continues to provide customers and companies the best possible service that everyone deserves. Raul Mendez and his family serves as an example of hard work, patience, persistence, faith, and the belief that any one can make their greatest dreams come true.

The story of Mendez Trucking and Triple R Diesel doesn’t end here or at any time soon. With your support and willingness to be treated right, Triple R Diesel will continue to provide you and your company with the best possible service that you know you deserve. Raul Mendez, his company, and his family serve as a wonderful example of how with hard work, patience, persistence, and faith, anyone can make their greatest dreams come true. (click here to read more about Triple R Diesel's History).

We also offer parts and services for trucks. Dump trucks custom built for you. Freightliner trucks, search for your truck today. New and used dump trucks. Custom built diesel trucks.

Welcome to Triple R Diesel
America's Leader For Custom Built Trucks!

Thank you for visiting the premier all service diesel shop in South Texas. Located just 30 minutes from the San Antonio Airport off Interstate 35 South (Exit # 139). Hours of operation are Monday thru Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For after hours sales calls contact:

Raul at 210-669-6161 Roland at 210-669-7000

This website is currently being constructed. Please visit our official website - to view our inventory and services.

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